Revolutionary love ministries


taking the love of the Father

into the heart of Africa

The  Commission


We call it "The Great Commission." Yet in reality, it is the ONLY commission. We are never told to build big ministries or to try to make lots of converts. Jesus said that our task as the Church is to simply go and "make disciples."


A disciple is a wholehearted follower who goes where the Master goes and does what the Master does. A disciple is like Jesus, the Son who "only does what He sees His Father doing."


Discipleship isn't accomplished primarily in a's learned in the midst of real life.



We will do this in a few different formats: discipleship training; 2-week discipleship intensives for university students & young adults; "Daddy Time" weekends.

making  disciples


Disciplehip is not something reserved for the ministry professionals, nor is it something to be done by only a gifted select few. YOU are called to make disciples, and YOU can be an effective disciplemaker!!


We will focus on:


     - The goal and purpose of discipleship


     - The heart of the Father in



     - The role of the Word, prayer and

       the Holy Spirit in discipleship 


     - Jesus' method of discipleship 


     - Making disciples in your context



discipleship  intensive


During university holiday times, this is an intense 2-week journey into the heart of the Father for those who are hungry to know Him more intimately, to grow in thier understanding of Him, and to learn to see the world through His eyes.  


     - Uprooting the lies life has told us,

       experiencing healing from the pain, 

       and finding true freedom in Him.


     - Developing a God-centered

       perspective on life


     - Learning how to study the Word and

       apply it to real life


     - Being equipped to be disciplemakers

       in the real world (not just teachers in

       church meetings)

daddy  time


Boys need their dads to spend time with them, to wrestle together with the issues of life, to give wise and godly counsel, to talk about what it means to be men.


But for so many, that kind of time never happens, and even when those boys become men, the hunger remains.


We want to create an environment where that can happen, offering some "Daddy time" to groups of young men who are hungry for some godly fatherhood.


     - No teaching schedule or agenda 

     - Relaxed

     - Relational

     - Biblical

     - From the heart of a father