When the truth of God’s love breaks through the lies and pain of the past, He takes broken lives – lives that were desperate, lives that were hopeless, lives that had lost the ability to dream - and He turns them into something beautiful.


“The truth,” Jesus says, “will set you free.”


Over the years, we have seen many people discover and embrace the Father’s love in a way that has brought healing and great freedom to their lives. Many of those are pastors, which will lead to life and freedom for many more people through their transformed ministries.


We want to teach in as many environments as possible to see the truth of His love spread strategically to every corner of the nation.












Revolutionary love ministries


taking the love of the Father

into the heart of Africa

RETREATS @ The  Father's  House


The truth really does set people free. But it usually takes much more than a sermon to make it real. Transformation that is permanent and far-reaching happens when the truth of Christ is invested personally and seen clearly in the midst of life that is shared together. 


We love the way that God works in a group of people when they take a few days away from their normal routine and simply open their hearts to hear from the Lord and to let Him fill their hearts with His love.


We would love to host your ministry team or church group for any of the above conference packages. For costs, see the Accommodation page. There is no additional charge for the teaching. It is our joy to serve you! 

Conferences @ your  site


Though we would love to host you at The Father's House, we understand that everyone cannot come, and also that our space is limited and cannot accommodate larger conferences.


We sometimes partner with churches and ministries by traveling to their location to do pastors' conferences, marriage and parenting training, and discipleship training.


If you would like me to come and do any of the above training with your ministry team or church group, please contact me through the form on the Contact Us page or email us at revolutionaryloveuganda@yahoo.com