You Were Created for God’s Love!


Everything that is good flows from the heart of the Father. Your security, your value, and your hope come from understanding and walking in the simple truth that you are deeply loved by God. And when you really grasp the depths of His love, it changes everything about who you are. It releases the power of God in you, enabling you to live the life He intended you to live and setting you free to be everything He created you to be.


In The Father’s Heart: His Delight, Your Destiny...


• Encounter the relentless love of the Father who delights in you and wants nothing more than for you to have fullness of life…His life.


• Experience healing in every corner of your heart, mind, and soul as the truth exposes and overcomes the lies that prevent you from knowing God’s heart.


• Discover the freedom of living as His beloved son or daughter.


Knowing God’s love is what life is all about. The Father’s Heart: His Delight, Your Destiny is for all who are dissatisfied with mere information about God’s love and yearn to really know it, experience it, and share it compellingly with others. Thoroughly biblical, intensely practical, and brimming with engaging stories of radical life transformation, The Father’s Heart: His Delight, Your Destiny will make the heart of God come alive for you! 













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Perfect for Small Group Study


This is not a book to pick up, read, and put back on the shelf. This is truth to be lived in, page by page, day by day, opening your heart to allow God to enter places where maybe you have never allowed anyone else to go, asking Him to speak to you and work deeply in you.


This is ideal for small group study. Read and meditate on one chapter each week for 13 weeks, doing the items for reflection and further study at the end of the chapter. Then come together as a group at the end of the week, to share what God is doing in you and to pray for one another. 



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