Looking for a quiet retreat for your ministry team, a place where you can pray together, dream together, and hear God's voice together away from the hectic schedules and demands of your daily lives?


Looking for a place to grow, to explore God's word with your small group?


Looking for an oasis for your soul, a place where you can come with others who are thirsting for Him and find spiritual renewal and refreshment?


Looking for a quiet and peaceful place where your group can get away for a couple of days, or a comfortable place to stop for a night or two in the middle of your journey?



Welcome to The Father’s House...

      - a peaceful retreat where you can find rest for your body, mind, and spirit 


      - a place of healing, where the Father’s love meets broken hearts and brings life,

        freedom, and a new purpose for living


      - a safe environment where people can wrestle with the truth and work out together

        how to LIVE the gospel in the context of real life


      - a home away from home where we can begin to build a new generation of families

        in Uganda, a new kind of household where the atmosphere is filled with the love,

        grace, joy, and peace of Christ


      - a training ground to raise up a new wave of leaders and spiritual fathers who will

        invest the love of Christ deeply into others, so that the life of Christ may be

        reproduced in the lives of many, in their communities and throughout Uganda.


Enjoy beauty and serenity, high upon a hill in the heart of the village. Have an early morning cup of tea on the veranda and experience the spectacular colors of the sunrise as it awakes over the valley. Gaze at the star-filled sky, take a deep breath and bask in the quiet and stillness of the night. Take a relaxing evening walk through the prayer garden. Stop and sit on a bench and just let God love you.


Rest. Relax. Renew. Refresh. It's time to come home to The Father's House.