Pastor Dave Carroll

Dave has been a missionary in Uganda since 1997. He worked as a pastor at an orphanage for four years, established a missionary training centre, has done a lot of discipleship with university students as well as training pastors. 


His passion is to lead people into a life-transforming understanding of God as their Father through the love of Jesus Christ. He loves to teach the depths and the beauty of God's word, to equip church leaders, and to mentor and share his life with young people who have never experienced real fatherhood.


Along with his wife, Jen, and their four children, the heart of their ministry has always been discipleship. They love to open their home to share the love and the joy of the Father with people, letting them get close enough to see and experience His love for them.

















Revolutionary love ministries


taking the love of the Father

into the heart of Africa

Why We Do It


People are hungry for home, and from the beginning of time, God's desire has been that they would find their home in Him, that they would find their value, their hope, their security, and their life in His love.


But so many people - even people in the Church - don't understand His love. People have broken hearts, broken because of their own sin and broken because of the sins of others against them. And broken hearts make a broken world.


But when people really understand and embrace His love, He takes the most hopeless of people and fills them with hope. He takes lives that were shattered and makes them whole. He takes the worst of people and turns them into the best of people. He takes those whom society had thrown away as useless, and He makes them His most faithful sons and daughters. 


Our passion is to see an outpouring of the love of the Father throughout Uganda, bringing life, healing and freedom to people, and then to equip them and release them into the world to lead many others into a life-changing encounter with the heart of God.



What We Do


Revolutionary Love Ministries is a combination of teaching in conferences, retreats, in churches, and on the radio; developing teaching resources to be used in small groups and by ministry leaders; counseling and relational discipleship training for church/ministry leaders; marriage and parenting training; 2-week discipleship intensives and "Daddy Time" weekends for university students; and encouraging believers to show the love of the Father in practical ways among the poor, the disabled, the abandoned and the forgotten.