When we look at today’s Africa, we all agree that something needs to change. But no amount of economic development,political restructuring, education or social reform will ever be able to make it happen. Those things may alleviate the symptoms, but they can’t deal with the disease.


Change needs to happen at the deepest level. What Africa needs is a revolution. Not the kind of political revolution that we have become so accustomed to, but a revolution of the heart.


The heart of the Father beats for Uganda. He wants to fill their hearts with His love. He wants to fill their minds with His peace. He wants to fill their lives with His joy. And He wants to use them to put His love on display for all of Africa to see.


Our passion is to see an outpouring of the love of the Father throughout Uganda, bringing life, healing and freedom to people and then equipping them and releasing them into the world to lead many others into a life-changing encounter with the heart of God.




Looking for a quiet retreat for your ministry team, a place where you can pray together, dream together, and hear God's voice together away from the hectic schedules and demands of your daily lives?


Looking for a place to grow, to explore God's word with your small group?


Looking for an oasis for your soul, a place where you can come with others who are thirsting for Him and find spiritual renewal and refreshment?














"True love is a revolutionary experience....And far above any love is the love of Christ, causing the most radical revolutionary experience in human life."

                                                                                                          - Bishop Festo Kivengere

Revolutionary love ministries


taking the love of the Father

into the heart of Africa



When the truth of God’s love breaks through the lies and pain of the past, He takes broken lives – lives that were desperate, lives that were hopeless, lives that had lost the ability to dream - and He turns them into something beautiful.


“The truth,” Jesus says, “will set you free.”


Over the years, we have seen many people discover and embrace the Father’s love in a way that has brought healing and great freedom to their lives...















Hearing the truth of God’s love at a conference is wonderful, and even life-changing. But the lies of the enemy are persistent, and we need the Lord to drive His word deep into our hearts, to engrave it on our souls so that we absorb the truth and it becomes a regular part of our thinking.


So we are developing teaching and training resources that will help the truth of the Father’s love take root in a way that brings real and permanent transformation...